Organised by Kes International as part of its Archiving Tomorrow Series, in conjunction with FOCAL International, FIAT/IFTA ( Save Your Archive,) RTÉ Archives and the Digital Repository Ireland/ Royal Irish Academy, in Dublin. and supported by (CCAAA) Coordinating Council for Audiovisual Archive Associations.

Much of the worlds’ audiovisual archives remain on decaying carriers and require urgent intervention if they are to survive into the current millennium. Experts maintain there is about 10-15 years remaining to achieve this. The risks are considerable.

Many worldwide audiovisual archives are under threat, perhaps from climatic issues, storage conditions, war and conflict, neglect and often simply lack of know-how, resources and critically, lack of funding. Success stories as well as challenges will be debated and discussed at the Dublin Archiving Tomorrow – Archives at Risk Conference 2016.

This conference will bring together archive leaders and experts, industry, program leaders, policy makers, cultural heritage bodies and technology providers to debate the issues, look at solutions, funding opportunities, models and case studies.

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