NECS 2016 Conference | in/between: cultures of connectivity

NECS 2016 is the 10th Conference of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies.

Connecting people has always been one of the most important functions of media, but arguably, the pervasiveness of media since the digital revolution has increased the awareness of the fact that interrelatedness is the basis of culture, and that media therefore play a crucial role in the formation of human relations.

Originally used in technological discourses to describe and advertise the potential of media devices to link up with other devices, connectivity has recently emerged in media studies as a new concept with a much broader meaning, i.e. the potential of media to link objects, agents, and processes.

The 2016 NECS conference aims to reflect on our current culture of connectivity from a variety of perspectives. The conference will be held in Potsdam, Germany, home of Europe’s largest film studios in Babelsberg.

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