Conference: Television Heritage & the Web (2012)

EUscreen organised its third and final conference on the topic Television Heritage & the Web. The conference took place at ELTE University in Budapest, on Thursday, September 13, and Friday, September 14, 2012.

Conference Topic

The television landscape is evolving at tremendous speed. According to Eric Schmidt, former CEO at Google, “the Internet is fundamental to the future of TV”. Most broadcasters are struggling to grasp the pitfalls and potentials of the net. Emerging viewing patterns involve increased interactivity, non-stop availabilty and the evidence of choice.

The current shift suggests new ways of looking, where a web-centric view becomes more and more popular. Broadcasters’ resources are being redirected to web based forms of TV and the ‘archive’ increasingly becomes an asset, since it can attract potential users online. The major question for audiovisual archives, educators  and researchers these days, is what the current web-based shift implies for television heritage.

The EUscreen project puts more than 30.000 televisual items online in an act to make historical audiovisual content widely accessible. The conference Television Heritage & the Web attempts to discuss and analyse the potentials and pitfalls of the current media transition.

Conference Coverage

Conference Programme

Thursday 13th September

  • 09:30    Opening and welcome
  • 09:45    Lynn Spigel (Northwestern University, USA): TV Snapshots: An Archive of Everyday Life
  • 10:30    Wilfried Runde (Deutsche Welle, DE): Media Game Changers – Social Media and Data-driven Journalism
  • 11:45    Eggo Müller (Utrecht University, NL): Television Heritage Online: From Accessible to Participatory Archives
  • 12.30    Round table (chair: Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

EUscreen showcase

  • 14:00    EUscreen achievements (EUscreen Coordinator and WP leaders)
  • 15:00    VIEW. The new open access Journal of European Television History and Culture (Andreas Fickers, Maastricht University and Erwin Verbruggen, Beeld & Geluid)
  • 15:30    EUscreen Virtual Exhibitions (Sian Barber, Royal Holloway, Dana Mustata, Groningen University and Daniel Ockeloen, Noterik)
  • 16:30    Conclusion of the day (Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

Friday 14th September

Workshop on “EUscreen best practice applications showcase. The exploitation of broadcast material in the field of learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse.”

  • 09:30    Opening and welcome
  • 09:45    Jamie Harley (FR): Rearranging the Past – Found footage videos today cancelled

Case studies

  • 10:30    Television History Goes East: TVR’s Heritage in EUscreen (Irina Negraru – TVR and Dana Mustata – Groningen University)
  • 10:50    The Portal “20 Years of Slovenia” – Gallery of Documents, Stories and Memories (Aleksander Lavrenčič and Katja Šturm – TV Slovenija)
  • 11:10    Exploring the past: web experiments at RTBF (Xavier Jacques-Jourion RTBF)
  • 11:50    Remote Life, Video Based Artistic Research and Future Scenarios for ICT (Attila Nemes – Kitchen Budapest, HU)
  • 12:30    Panel discussion (chair: András Bálint Kovacs, ELTE)
  • 13:00    Closing of the Conference (Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)
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