Media & Learning: Video in Higher Education

This 2 day conference which is being organised jointly with the Leuven Institute for Media and Learning (LIMEL) in KU Leuven is all about highlighting the latest pedagogical and technical developments in the field of video supported higher education and will be based on a highly interactive agenda packed with inspiring talks, demos, discussions, best practice showcases and hands-on sessions.
The conference will include an exhibition showing the latest technologies, services and tools that universities and colleges can adopt to transform their use of video.
Topics will include: Innovating learning with 360˚ Video, 3D, 4K, Augmented
Reality and Virtual Reality, Exploring different video-based formats;
including web documentaries, MOOCs and different forms of knowledge
capture and Scalability taking into account the explosion of data, coping
with large amounts of student generated content and the move towards ‘do-it-yourself’ production formats.


Jun 15 2018 - Jun 16 2018


All of the day