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The EUscreen portal brings you history, fashion, music, sports, lifestyle, cooking, culture and so much more. The online portal presents video clips and full programmes portraying life in Europe in 19 different languages from the early 1900’s to the present day. Explore this freely-accessible online historical source and discover tens of thousands of videos, images, audio and text documents.

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  • Curated and contextualised. Our content comes from the archives of broadcasters and cultural institutions. We are proud of our exclusive and carefully selected content – and of being the main portal to Europe’s audiovisual heritage.
  • Searchable. Our portal is supported by a very efficient search engine, which enables to narrow search results to categories such as decades, language used, genre and many other. You can also explore EUscreen on the map!
  • High resolution. All videos, sounds and images available on the EUscreen portal are high quality and sufficient for screening in classrooms, or at lectures and seminars.
  • Optimized for mobile devices. Our new portal works perfectly on your mobile and tablet.
  • For free. Watching videos on our portal is free of charge. Moreover, we don’t display any commercials or ads.


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