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EUscreen is the pan-European aggregator for audiovisual heritage.

As an independent and collaborative network, we have been making content and metadata from broadcasters and archives searchable, findable, and accessible across Europe since 2003.

Does your institution have audiovisual collections?

Why not join our growing community of over 30 broadcast archives, cultural institutions, technical service providers and research organisation from 23 European countries?

Our diversity and our independence is our strength: under the framework of the EUscreen Foundation, we work together to support sustainable and universal access to European audiovisual heritage, an undertaking we believe to be of significant social, cultural and economic value.

Would you like to make your collections accessible to a wider audience?

As audiovisual content aggregator for Europeana, EU’s digital platform of cultural heritage, one of our main aims is to maximise an awareness of the richness and diversity of Europe’s audiovisual heritage in various sectors, including education, research, the creative industry, and the general public.

Your participation could significantly help achieve this goal.

EUscreen consortium in Utrecht, spring 2016.

EUscreen consortium in Utrecht, spring 2016.

Are you interested in …

  • contributing audiovisual content to an international audience
  • sharing sector expertise
  • advocating better metadata standards
  • joining in the European debate over copyright
  • attending AV-related conferences and workshops
  • forming links with your colleagues and peers across Europe

 … then get involved!

As expert hub on standardised and multilingual audiovisual access, EUscreen helps organisations in the audiovisual domain build on their technical, data, rights and communication expertise to promote a continued transfer of knowledge and open dialogue on publication standards, contextualising content and drawing audiences.

The benefits in short

EUscreen offers:

1. Additional channels for distribution and engagement  

  • international rather than national reach (new audiences, opportunity to become involved in multinational partnerships)
  • showcasing content as part of Europeana’s thematic collections
  • scholarly publications (VIEW)
  • raising visibility and awareness through multiple communication channels (e.g. social media, newsletter, events)

2. Innovative access point to publish and curate data on the web

3. Expert hub

  • develop funded projects involving members’ collections
  • sharing knowledge on best practices and standards in the sector, influence pan-European policy making, i.e. on copyright
  • benefit directly from revenue generated through external project funding (e.g. Europeana DSI)

Join our network to take part in the international dialogue on policies and standards, to make use of our technical expertise and to boost your content’s visibility.

Interested in joining?

Great choice. Simply fill in a short partnership form here and we will take it from there.


Please send an email to our EUscreen network team:

Erwin Verbruggen  everbruggen[at]

Eve-Marie Oesterlen evemarie[at]


For more information about the aims, strengths and benefits of EUscreen, read the article  Bringing Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage Online: EUscreenXL (IASA journal no 42, 2014).


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