Demo Overview

On this page we present the projects that have been set into motion to visualise, reuse or otherwise build upon the rich information gathered in the EUscreen project. Furthermore, we hope it encourages you to take the data available in our LOD pilot.

The pilot is an initial attempt to make the EUscreen content available as Linked Open Data on the web. It allows users not only to access and retrieve metadata from the EUScreen content via standard web technologies, but also to discover relevant data within the multitude of the available content and even to implement applications that integrate data from the EUscreen collection.

This page serves as an invitation to build your own extension or experiment with it – be it mobile, visual, live, exploring new connections or laying bare the ones that are already in place. However you approach the topic, do drop us a line about your activities at

1) EUscreen on a Timeline

Sound and Vision developer Jaap Blom has visualised the EUscreen dataset chronologically by creating a timeline. It’s only a very preliminary version, and your comments are welcome. The application was built using the open-source data visualisation widget SIMILE. You can find it at:

Open the timeline in the largest screen you can find (the navigation bar on the very bottom is very helpful). You can filter by Theme or Genre. Click in the eye–icon to reset filters and show all content.

2) EUscreen Data Visualisation

Communication Media and Design student Tjerk Smit has visualised the EUscreen dataset by dissecting the various strands of information and building it into an interconnected network that you can play around with to see what percentage of the collection  has what level of content and create an abstract work of art on the go. Find the visualisation at:


Relevant papers and resources about experiments with open culture and data can be found at:



Coordination and core implementation of were carried out by Nikolaos Simou, Vassilis Tzouvaras and Nasos Drosopoulos, with the support of the EUScreen project. Johan Oomen (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) is the technical director of the project and can be contacted for general enquiries about the project.

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