EUscreen recommends: “Television Audiences Across the World. Deconstructing the Ratings Machine”

‘This collection is a most comprehensive book on television ratings systems. It offers a remarkable breadth of case studies of nations from North and South America, Europe, and Asia. These also include a wide variety of types of measurement practices and organizational structures. Such an array offers great opportunities for comparative analyses. Just as important, the book is theoretically, analytically and critically sophisticated. It examines the various critiques of audience measurement, such as the important distinction between substantive and procedural truths and the underlying assumptions in quantification and statistics about human behavior and social relations.” (BACK COVER ENDORSEMENT BY Richard Butsch, author of “The Making of American Audiences”).


televsion audiencesIntroduction; Jérôme Bourdon and Cécile Méadel
1. The Politics of Enjoyment: Competing Audience Measurement Systems in Britain, 1950-1980; Stefan Schwarzkopf
2. Still the British Model? The BARB versus Nielsen; Marc Balnaves
3. Canada’s Audience Massage: Audience Research and TV Policy Development, 1980-2010; Philip Savage and Alexandre Sévigny
4. The Monopoly that Won’t Divide: France’s Médiamétrie; Jérôme Bourdon and Cécile Méadel
5. Pioneering the Peoplemeter: German Public Service; Susanne Vollberg
6. Power Games: Audience Measurement as a Mediation Between Actors in India; Santanu Chakrabarti
7. Imagining Audiences in Brazil: Class, ‘Race’ and Gender; Esther Hamburger, Heloisa Buarque de Almeida, and Tirza Aidar
8. From Referee to Scapegoat, but still Referee: Auditel in Italy; Massimo Scaglioni
9. Domestication of Anglo-Saxon Conventions and Practices in Australia; Mark Balnaves
10. Market Requirements and Political Challenges: Russia Between Two Worlds; Elena Johansson and Sergey Davydov
11. The Role of Ratings in Scheduling. Commercial Logics in Irish Public Television; Ann-Marie Murray
12. The Local Peoplemeter, the Portable Peoplemeter, and the Unsettled Law and Policy of Audience Measurement in the US; Philip Napoli
13. Challenges of Digital Innovations: A Set-Top Box Based Approach; Katrien Berte and Tom Evens
14. Thickening Behavioral Data: New Uses of Ratings for Social Sciences; Jakob Bjur

“Media literacy research and policy in Europe” report just published

Media literacy research and policy in Europe. A review of recent, current and planned activitiesProj-COST

This is the report of an expert seminar held in Brussels on 12/9/13, organised by the Media Literacy Task Force of the COST Action, Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies. 25 media literacy experts from academia, policy and regulatory institutions came together to identify the current state of play and future directions for media literacy research and policy in Europe. In addition to capturing the main contributions made during the seminar, the report pulls out the recent history of media literacy policy at European level and highlights new indications of interest in this domain within the EC. The report concludes with recommendations for advancing this increasingly important area of research and policy.

Livingstone, S., Bulger, M. & Zaborowski, R. (2013). Media literacy research and policy in Europe. A review of recent, current and planned activities. London.

You can read the report here


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