Norwegian Television History on Europeana

Guest post by Mari Skarnes and Maja Wettmark, archive developers at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

NRK Archive
The NRK Archive is responsible for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s archive collection. It holds radio and television programmes from the 1930s onwards. A government decision from 2007 obliged the public broadcaster to make all of its historical content available to the public, as long as this was covered by the programme’s legal rights. All programmes, with their accompanying metadata, have since been published on NRK’s web players and In order to ensure availability to a wider audience, NRK Archive aims to share most of the transmissions’ metadata with stakeholders outside of the country’s borders as well.

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New Version of the EBUcore Schema Released

We’re pleased to inform you that a new version of the EBUcore schema (v1.3) has been officially released by EBU this week. You can find the the link to the specification at: [PDF] The new version is available in two representations: XML and RDF.

The EBUcore RDF ontology has been finalised by EBU in collaboration with the EUscreen technical team led by NTUA, which worked on it together with Jean-Pierre Evain from EBU. This collaboration has led to the realisation of the EUscreen Linked Open Data pilot, which was announced last week and makes EUscreen the first project to exploit the EBU ontology and entering the Linked Open Data cloud.

Many thanks again to Jean-Pierre and to Vassilis and the NTUA crew for this achievement!

For a full overview and the history of EBU’s metadata undertakings, visit:

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