The presentations of the EUscreen Open Workshop on Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies can be found online now

The media of the workshop can now be found online, including a report and the presentations. This first EUscreen Open Workshop took place in Mykonos City, Greece, on June 23 and 24. Over 60 participants travelled to Mykonos to attend the workshop. On the first day, the programme was made up of presentations about activities and developments within EUscreen whereas on the second day, the programme contained presentations about relevant developments within other European projects.

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The first EUscreen Open Workshop on Metadata Schemas and Content Selection Policies has started

Over 60 participants traveled to Mykonos for the EUscreen Open Workshop on Metadata Schemas and Content Selection Policies on June 23-24. A warm welcome to all participants and a general introduction was given by Sonja de Leeuw, project co-ordinator of EUscreen. The focus for the first day lies on the developments within EUscreen: the EUscreen content selection policies and guidelines, the metadata elements and the roadmap and workflow for content providers. Also, participants will get a preview of the backend and the frontend of the portal. The second day will be dedicated to presentations about practices in other European projects, like Europeana and PrestoPrime.

The EUscreen Open Workshop on Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies starts in one week from now

By Wietske van den Heuvel

Date: 23-24 June 2010.
Location: KDEPAM Conference Centre, Mykonos City, Greece.

Only one week to go before the EUscreen Open Workshop starts next Wednesday at the KDEPAM Conference Centre in Mykonos City, Greece. The conference programme promises to be very interesting, with on day 1 presentations about the development the EUscreen project has made since its start in October 2009 and on day 2 an update on the latest developments within other major European projects.

On the first day, workshop participants will get a preview of the EUscreen portal and the mapping and annotation tools. Also, the handbook on content selection guidelines and metadata definition will be released.

On the second day, two sessions will be held: one about metadata and one about applications. The metadata session contains presentations about EBUcore by Jean-Pierre Evain from the European Broadcasting Union, the EFG metadata schema by Julia Welter from the European Film Gateway, the activities within the Media Annotation Working Group by Tobias Bürger from W3C and the Europeana Data Model by Carlo Meghini from the EDM Group. The applications session will highlight various applications through presentations about what users can do with multimedia by Natasa Sofou from WeKnowIt, use of linked data by Guus Schreiber from NoTube/Free University of Amsterdam,  automatic metadata extraction by Marco Bertini from VIDI-Video & IM31 and the PrestoPRIME project by Johan Oomen from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Günter Mühlberger from the University of Innsbruck Library.

Registration for the workshop is still open. A social event has been planned on Wednesday evening. Participants who would like to join can subscribe to this event during arrival on the first day.

Open EUscreen workshop on Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies

23-24 June, Mykonos, Greece

EUscreen has organised a two-day workshop on metadata schemes and content selection strategies in the audiovisual domain, to be held in Mykonos town, Greece on June 23 and 24. The workshop will focus on the presentation and analysis of metadata schemes and content selection policies within major European projects in general and EUscreen in particular, and will present some state of the art applications in multimedia retrieval and reuse.

The first day’s programme will be devoted to developments within the EUscreen project. This includes the presentation of the project’s content selection strategy, a demonstration of the EUscreen back-end, and a preview of the EUscreen portal, to be launched in January 2011.

The second day provides an overview of experiences and state of the art European projects in the audiovisual domain. This includes presentations by projects and organisations such as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the European Film Gateway (EFG), Europeana and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). More information about the workshop, along with the full program, can be found here.  Attendance is free, but online registration is required.

First EUscreen regional workshop held in London

The first EUscreen regional workshop has been held in London on February 5 at the BUFVC venue. The workshop was the first in a series of three. During the workshops, archivists from the consortium gather to discuss issues regarding content selection policy, IPR and the metadata schema that will be used in EUscreen. The other two regional workshops will be held in Barcelona on February 15 and Budapest on February 22.

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