Open Video Make Session at the OKFest

Open Video Workshop Poster

On September 18th, 2012, Sanna Marttila, Kati Hyyppä and Ramyah Gowrishankar (Aalto University) organised the Open Video Make Session in Helsinki as a part of EUscreen and the Open Culture and Science Hackday of the Open Knowledge Festival.

Report by Kati Hyyppä, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

The hackday included various activities involving working with and building things with open cultural and scientific data. The Open Video Make Session focused on video as a rich resource for creative use. Despite recent technical developments such as Popcorn, it’s still rather complex to take video to the next level: beyond traditional remixing.

Programming skills are usually needed for making use of temporal and spatial video characteristics and metadata. Combining video with other content, such as open data, also has unexplored potential. In order to tackle these challenges and to promote new uses for audiovisual materials in the cultural heritage domain, about 10 experts from different fields were invited to the Open Video Make Session to open up video as an exploratory medium. The session was open for anyone to join in, either to make something or to see experts at work and to learn more about open video.

The Open Video Make Session provided insights into the different dimensions of archival video that can serve as inspiration for creative works. While some participants focused on mood and storytelling, others utilized audio, visual details, timeline and APIs. You can find documentation of the projects made in the session here: Open Video Make Session projects (currently being updated).

Third EUscreen Conference: Conference Programme

For those spending time with us next week at the EUscreen conference, hosted at Budapest’s ELTE University, here’s the final conference programme. For those who cannot attend, as we did for the previous conferences, we will make sure to write reports about what’s being said and done. Soon, after the conference, video registrations of all sessions will be made available on our webcast site. Have you not registered yet? Go to For info about logistics, visit ELTE’s conference site at

Thursday 13th September

  • 09.30 – Opening and welcome

Key note lectures

  • 09.45 – Lynn Spigel (Northwestern University, USA): TV Snapshots: An Archive of Everyday Life
  • 10.30 – Wilfried Runde (Deutsche Welle, DE): Media Game Changers – Social Media and Data-driven Journalism

11.15    Coffee break

  • 11.45 – Eggo Muller (Utrecht University, NL): Television Heritage Online: From Accessible to Participatory Archives
  • 12.30 – Round table (chair: Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

13.00    Lunch break

EUscreen showcase

  • 14.00 – EUscreen achievements. (Coordinator feat. WP leaders)
  • 15.10 – eJournal presentation. (Andreas Fickers, Maastricht University)
  • 15.30 – EUscreen Virtual Exhibitions

16.30 – Conclusion of the day (Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

Friday 14th September

Workshop: EUscreen best practice applications showcase. The exploitation of broadcast material in the field of learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse.

  • 09.30 – Opening and welcome

Key note lecture

  • 09.45 – Jamie Harley (FR): Rearranging the Past – Found footage videos today

Case studies

  • 10.30 – Irina Negraru (TVR, RO) and Dana Mustata (Groningen University, NL): Television History Goes East: TVR’s Heritage in EUscreen
  • 10.50 –  Aleksander Lavrenčič and Katja Šturm (TV Slovenja, SI): The Portal 20 Years of Slovenia: Gallery of Documents, Stories and Memories
  • 11.10 – Xavier Jacques-Jourion (RTBF, BE): Exploring the past: web experiments at RTBF

11.30    Coffee break

  • 11.50 – Attila Nemes (Kitchen Budapest, HU): Remote Life: Video Based Artistic Research and Future Scenarios for ICT
  • 12.30 – Panel discussion (chair: András Bálint Kovács, ELTE)

13.00 – Closing of the Conference (Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

Programme Announcement: Final EUscreen Conference

EUscreen, the best practice network for Europe’s television heritage, organises its third and final international conference on Television Heritage and the Web. The conference will take place in Budapest on 13 and 14 September 2012. The programme consists of two workshops, a plenary session with keynotes and case studies by renowned experts in the field.

Television Heritage and the Web

Date: 13-14 September 2012
Location: ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

Attendance is free, but registration is required at:
For travel, accomodation and much more info go to the conference info page under Events

Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo (Flickr Commons)

Conference programme

Today, most broadcasters devote resources to web-based forms of television, both in terms of new programming and older programme materials. Broadcast archives are becoming increasingly important as ‘old’ television content has the potential to attract online users. As a result, the major question for audiovisual archives, scholars and media professionals is: What does the current shift to online forms actually imply for television heritage?

The conference Television Heritage and the Web will discuss and analyse the opportunities and challenges of the current media changes. The conference includes a range of international experts and a workshop titled EUscreen best practice applications showcase, which explores the exploitation of broadcast material in the fields of learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse.

Confirmed speakers

  • Lynn Spigel (Northwestern University, USA)
  • Eggo Müller (Utrecht University, NL)
  • Richard Grusin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)
  • Jamie Harley (FR)
  • Irina Negraru and Dana Mustata (TVR, RO)
  • Aleksander Lavrencic/Katja Šturm (RTV Slovenija, SI)
  • Victoria Metzger/Xavier Jacques-Jourion (RTBF , BE)
  • Attila Nemes (Kitchen Budapest, HU)

Please go to for programme updates and make sure to register in time for this event.
For travel, accomodation and much more info go to the conference info page under Events.
You can also download the Press release EUscreen Budapest Conference 2012

Conference update: Final programme announced

The Second EUscreen International Conference on Use and Creativity takes place at the National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, on September 15-16, 2011.
Attendance is free, but registration is required at

Conference programme final
After a first successful conference on the contextualisation of audiovisual material in October 2010, the network now organizes a second conference on use and creativity in the audio-visual domain.

After a few updates on speakers, which could be followed on the EUscreen blog pages at, the programme is now in its final stage and participants are encouraged to make their registrations and travel arrangements.

Highlights from the programme
The first day of the conference will present its participants with a varied mix of keynote lectures and case studies by renowned experts in the field. Lynn Spigel from Northwestern University will be speaking about analogue nostalgia, Dagan Cohen will talk about how the Upload Cinema initiative brings curated online video to the big screen and Paul Ashton will talk about the possibilities for online audio-visual media to push education forward and create a teaching platform for professionals.

Aubéry Escande from Europeana/The European Library, Kajsa Hedström from the Swedish Film InstituteJohan Axhamn from Stockholm University and Peter B. Kaufman from Intelligent Television will present different case studies. These contain means for encouraging user engagement on the Europeana portal, for providing online access to film collections through the Swedish filmarkivet website and for devising licensing solutions to the online dissemination of Europe’s cultural heritage.

Jérôme Bourdon will close the first day with a presentation of his research into global media and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his talk, which is titled “A case of cosmopolitan memory?”

The second day will consist of two workshop sessions. In the morning the topic of a user community will be tackled, focusing on how EUscreen services can be exploited in learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse.
Dana Mustata from Utrecht University will start the discussion with her talk on “Doing Television History outside the Box”, after which Pere Arcas from Televisió de Catalunya, Roland Sejko from Cinecittá Luce and Andreas Fickers from Maastricht University will present case studies in the learning, cultural heritage and research domains respectively.

The afternoon session will focus on funding opportunities and sustainable business models for the digitisation of audiovisual material.
Luca Martinelli from the European Commission will present an overview of funding opportunities at EU level. Marius Snyders from PrestoCentre, Catherine Grout from JISC and Martin Bouda from the Czech TV archive will present complementary case studies on this topic.

Updates & Registration

Please go to for programme updates and make sure to register in time for this event.


Download the full conference programme here!

First names confirmed for the Second EUscreen International Conference on Use and Creativity

EUscreen will be holding its Second International Conference on Use and Creativity from 15-16 September 2011. Host of the conference will be the National Library of Sweden, which is located in the Humlegården park in Stockholm.

Attendance is free but on-line registration is required at the following address:

Conference programme:

At the international conference, EUscreen will discuss the online potential of European television heritage. The conference will explore creative approaches to enhance online accessibility of European television heritage. The goal is to expand methods to reach a wide range of users and to increase their engagement with online heritage materials. The conference programme consists of a plenary session with keynotes and case studies by renowned experts in the field.

On the second day of the programme, attendees will take part in two workshops. The first workshop is about EUscreen’s user community and how EUscreen services can be exploited with the objectives of learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse in mind. The second workshop will be on exploring funding opportunities and devising sustainable business models for the digitisation of audio-visual material.

Confirmed speakers:

Please go to for programme updates and make sure to register in time for this event!

PrestoCentre Training Course 2011: Long-Term Audiovisual Digital Preservation. Strategy, Planning and Tools

Press release by PrestoCentre

From 12-16 September in Paris and Bry-sur-Marne, France, PrestoCentre organises as part of its Professional Development Training Series a course in “Long-Term Audiovisual Digital Preservation: Strategy, Planning & Tools”. Participants in the course include large audiovisual archives, service providers and technology providers.

Training Course Summary
The audiovisual (AV) record of the 20th century is at risk, with digitisation being a solution, but this created a new problem: the preservation of digital AV content. Managers and technical staff of the AV industry need to be knowledgeable of, and understand how to use, the latest digital preservation technologies, in order to procure the safety of these documents of cultural heritage. Based on the experiences of some of the largest audiovisual and broadcast archives in Europe, this training will give a complete account of the tools and technologies available for the digital preservation of, and access to, audiovisual content, outlining strategies, workflows and architecture planning. In addition, the training provides a range of informative visits to a variety of relevant sites.

Course Topics
Strategy; preservation planning; OAIS; workflow; architecture; mass storage; formats; encoding; compression; metadata; preservation metadata; quality control; service management; risk management; rights management; partnerships; state of the art; support mechanisms; future developments.

More Information and Registration
Visit for programme, background and more information. Registration is limited to 40 delegates, so click here to register now.

About PrestoCentre
PrestoCentre brings together a community of stakeholders in audiovisual digitisation and digital preservation to share, work and learn. PrestoCentre helps custodians and creators of audiovisual content make the most of their digital archives through advocacy, information creation, knowledge leveraging, and valuable practical workshops. Using free tools and simple strategies PrestoCentre saves you money and time whilst improving long-term access to your digital audiovisual collections. PrestoCentre does this by helping you share your experiences and learn from best practices.


Save the date for the Second EUscreen International Conference in Stockholm on 15 and 16 September 2011. The conference program is still under construction, but there will be one day with plenary presentations and one day with two workshops. More information about the conference can be found on this website in the next few months.

License to remix! video remix workshop

Press release from TAIK/ Aalto University School of Art and Design

Date: 19-21 November
Place: Harju Youth Centre, Helsinki

The Remix Helsinki initiative supports legal creative reuse of audiovisual materials. Our first event, License to remix! video remix workshop, will be organized between 19 and 21 November at the Harju Youth Centre. The workshop promotes creative re-use, remixing and sharing of open audiovisual content. In addition to hands-on remixing, their will also be a discussion about intellectual property rights issues.

Public events are organized on Friday and Sunday. The languages used in the workshop are Finnish and English, while the presentations in the public events are in Finnish (with English summaries). On Friday, there will be short presentations related to remix culture, and on Sunday the videos created in the workshop will be presented.

The workshop is organized by Sanna Marttila, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Kati Hyyppä and Anne Luotonen from Aalto University School of Art and Design. VJ PHOQ (XPLOITEC) also provides his creative support for the workshop. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the workshop please email to You are of course welcome to the public events without prior registration.

The workshop is done in collaboration with EUscreen, the City of Helsinki Youth Department and Pixelversity (Pixelache).

For more information and a detailed programme see:

Funded by: Connected to: