The first World Television Forum was held by the United Nations on 21 and 22 November 1996. The leading media agents met to discuss the growing significance of television in today’s changing world. Television was acknowledged as a major tool in informing, channeling and affecting public opinion. That is why the General Assembly decided to proclaim 21 November as World Television Day.

“The world today is controlled by advancements in technology. We live in a society that depends on information technology and communications to perform its daily activities, including work, entertainment, education, health care, personal relationships, travel, and many other pursuits.

Everything we experience through television shapes and influences our lives. Television educates, informs, entertains, instructs, and influences us in so many ways. The youth are greatly influenced by images and we can expect new value systems to emerge among them.” [United Nations]

This year, three European broadcasters’ associations have decided to organize the World TV Day :
egta association of television and radio sales houses
The Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT)
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU)  which is one of the EUscreen Project Partners



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