This deliverable presents the evaluation report of the MediaNumeric first training session, which
took place at INA’s training centre in Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), from 21st to 26th February, 2022. This document describes the two main steps of the evaluation:

  • The assessment of participant satisfaction (‘on-the-spot’ evaluation and
  • The internal evaluation led by the consortium during and after the training course.

Strong points of the training course that arose from the assessment:

  1. MediaNumeric provides a relevant overview of all the topics related to data-journalism, creative storytelling and fact-checking;
  2. The content of the training course is up-to-date, diverse and in-line with market trends;
  3. MediaNumeric is a very good opportunity for networking;
  4. The organisation was good and the students felt it was well arranged, although the students would have liked to have had more practice time, especially on the case study.

Download the Evaluation Report First Training Programme