The National Audiovisual Institute is a modern cultural institution created on April 1, 2009 with the renaming Polish Audiovisual Publishers (in existence since 2005). The National Audiovisual Institute (NInA) is a digitization centre that coordinates the governmental programs of preservation, extension and publication of digital cultural heritage. NInA is also a producer and co-producer of important cultural events.

The activity abroad and in Poland involves audiovisual co-productions as well as participation in conferences and networks or hosting events in the fields of new media education, digitization, archiving, dissemination of audiovisual content and web culture. NInA is involved in the large spectrum of activities, from publishing (documentaries, animations, music and theater performances) recording major performing arts in Poland, publishing cultural periodicals, hosting artistic and professional events, to coordinating national governmental funding for digitization.

Moreover, the Institute produces, organizes, and co-organizes significant cultural events and is designated as the national coordinator of the Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency 2011 in the frame of which responsible for organizing the key project : European Culture Congress held in Wrocław 8-11 September 2011.