Noterik is a SME company, based in Amsterdam the Netherlands, which provides specialized media asset management and publishing software services in the field of WebTV. They engage in R&D and commercial WebTV services in the area of cultural heritage, e-learning, publishing, broadcasting and customized media workflow.

The software of Noterik is used for managing and publishing large audiovisual archives which are used by European broadcasters and archive institutes. Corporate publishers such as Kluwer and leading training institute such as Schouten en Nelissen use their WebTV services to stream line video publishing on their website and e-learning platforms. One of the world largest maritime laboratory institutes, Marin, uses Noteriks software to streamline media workflow, transcoding and publishing of video recordings.

In 2005 Noterik won the UN World Summit Award in the category for E-Government for providing advanced interactive webcasts in support of transparency in politics. In 2002 Noterik won the Telework Aspect Prize for novel e-learning applications.

Noterik is engaged in a number of international R&D projects, including FP7 LinkedTV and EUscreen eContentplus programs.