Radiotelevizija Slovenija or RTV Slovenija (RTV Slovenia) is the national public broadcasting organization of Slovenia. It is based in Ljubljana, with regional broadcasting centres in Koper and Maribor and correspondents around Slovenia, Europe and the World. It was established on October 28, 1928 as Radio Ljubljana, and launched a television service in 1958. RTV Slovenija’s national radio services operate under the name Radio Slovenija, while the television division carries the name Televizija Slovenija or TV Slovenija. Sometimes, the names are Anglicised to Radio Slovenia and TV Slovenia, respectively.

It is the only network in Slovenia with both radio and television stations. The law also requires it to air radio and television services for both indigenous minorities, which is done with the help of the regional broadcasting centres. Recently, RTV Slovenia has been increasingly active online, especially after a new multimedia portal has been introduced in 2002. The portal includes regular news updates, broadcast archives and live transmissions of most services, both radio and television, online.