Multimedia Archive, part of the Romanian Public Television, is quite unique; being the only television archive existed in Romania since 1956. Their Collections are composed by television productions, around 148,660 hours. They also own an appreciated content of photographic and sound documents. But the most important is that the archive is the unquestionable witness of the Romanian daily live for more than 5 decades, and so all the remarkable historical events are immortalized in the archive.

Multimedia Archive has just starting to open her gates for the educational use and for her large public, the number of our users is growing year by year. In 2007 they had around 500 requests for archive images, both professionals and educational purpose (80 % more than 2006). Multimedia Archive also sustains about 40% from daily production of the Romanian Television.

Multimedia Archive is member of international organizations FIAT/IFTA since 1994.