The Music Library of Greece is located in the Athens Concert Hall and it was created under an initiative of the Friends of Music Society (FMS). Their vision was that the Library would act as a pool of information for music and the arts, capable of supporting a full program of research and education. The Library opened to the public in February 1997, and since then has functioned as an important center of study.

The Library’s collection up to 135.000 titles, has a principle focus on western European music alongside all types of Greek music (ancient, Byzantine, traditional, and contemporary). The Greek Music Archive was created in order to fulfill the requirement for an official body specializing in the collection, processing and documentation of all material relevant to Greek music, with the eventual goal of creating a center for the preservation and study of this material. The collection contains rare documents, manuscripts, archives and both current and historical publications, all related to ancient, Byzantine, traditional and contemporary Greek music. The archives of Greek composers and artists constitute a particularly significant part of this collection.