9th FIAT/IFTA Media Management Seminar ‘Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles’

The National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket) and SVT (Sveriges Television), together with the FIAT/IFTA Media Management Commission invite you to the 9th edition of FIAT/IFTA’s “Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles” Seminars, focusing on media management, metadata, rights, new emerging technologies and changing skillsets. This edition’s theme is “Game Changers? From Automation to Curation: Futureproofing AV Content”.

Take this opportunity to learn from international leaders within the media management community about new challenges, innovative workflows and practical solutions facing the digital archiving and broadcasting community.

Key topics of this edition:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and their potential for automated annotation are widely considered as future fundamental game changers for the business of multimedia archiving and documentation. In this session, relevant archives and industry representatives are invited to share and discuss their experiences, insights, expectations and strategic plans for this new development. Are the technologies already mature enough to fulfill their potential and how can we be best prepared? How do archives compare, assess and apply related products? Which applications have proven successful or not? Is early adoption good or is it more beneficial to wait?

Data Management, Data Mining and Data Analytics of huge amounts of automatically generated data in multi-media archives will require new technologies and skillsets. What are the current reporting solutions for presentation/visualization and business intelligence analytics?

Misinformation and disinformation is high on the news agenda. How do news and production archives cope with content authentication and verification in the current climate of social media and user generated content?

The challenge of content-security and rights management is one of the key factors that influence the opening of archives to more and new applications of archive content for end users. In this session, we will investigate some important building-blocks of an extensive archive security architecture which will cover content security to rights clearance and licensing management. What are the media management strategies to efficiently gather IPR metadata? What are the copyright metadata standards and workflows in MAM systems? What are the new workflows to open up the archives to audiences? How do we valorize our published content?

Megatrends and Change Management in Broadcast Archives As AI and the Cloud become integral parts of the Television Archives workflow, we will explore the challenges and solutions- taking a deep-dive into how to handle the burgeoning mix of cloud-based, disc, and tape storage – as well as the discoverability of non-curated content and its implications for the future.

Use cases will be presented on culture and change management in the integration of television, radio and web archives into one multi-media-content-production domain. New technological solutions have driven new business models of self-service content research for production teams. What are the consequences? What are the opportunities for curated collections from audio and video to totally new forms of media (games, web, interactives)? Today, transformation of workflows and processes with developing new skillsets is a constant. Leveraging archive knowledge and experience with the application of new data structures and computer interactions is fundamental to successful change.

This international seminar will bring together 150 people: AV archiving practitioners (archivists, media managers) as well as researchers, developers, journalists, producers and representatives of the media and software industry. It will foster knowledge and ideas exchange, education, information and vendor awareness, understanding and engagement.

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May 23 - 24 2019


All Day

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Garnisonen Conference Centre
Karlavägen 100, 104 51 Stockholm