Are you one of EUscreen’s content partners or are you soon becoming one? Then this page is for you.

We have compiled some useful resources and guidelines, online tutorials and tools related to the process of aggregating and publishing audiovisual data and content to the EUscreen portal and/or directly to Europeana.

If anything is missing or incorrect, or if you would like to add your own tips & tricks, share your experience and any other useful resources, please email

Starting Out
Aggregation Essentials: this document gives you a short overview on what is required and what you can expect when aggregating content to Europeana via EUscreen.

Related guidelines and tools:

Legal Stuff
To contribute your collections to Europeana, your institution needs to sign a Data Exchange Agreement (DEA) which formalises the relationship between Europeana, EUscreen and your institution.

Intellectual Property Rights
Rights are a complex area. The Europeana Licensing Framework aims to explain clearly the elements related to IPR and Rights and to make transparent the relationship between end users of Europeana and the institutions that provide data.

Publishing on Europeana
Ready to give it a go? We strongly recommend that you read the latest version Europeana Publishing Guide, which outlines in more detail Europeana’s current criteria for submission.

Europeana’s Data Model EDM
Find out more about Europeana’s Data Model EDM.

EUscreen and Metadata
EUscreen uses metadata to enable content identification, improve searchability and discoverability and to provide a consistent uniform information structure to support overall data management and exchange of audiovisual content online. Read more about this in the document EUscreen and Metadata: Data management and exchange of audiovisual content online.

The Benefits
To find out how Europeana works with the data and content you provide, take a look at the Europeana Publishing Framework: The More You Give, The More You Get. This framework shows you exactly how you will benefit from your collaboration. And/ or watch the video ‘The Europeana Publishing Framework – What is it and how can you benefit?