Tools and training tutorials related to the process of aggregating and publishing audiovisual data and content to the EUscreen portal and/or directly to Europeana.

The Aggregation Handbook
The Aggregation Handbook is a compact hands-on guideline to help you with the process of aggregating content to Europeana. It contains a brief description of the ingestion workflow, lists and explains the required and recommended metadata elements used by Europeana (EDM), and contains a useful reference section. 

MINT manual
The MINT manual is a very basic manual. More hands-on help can be found via the video tutorials listed below. If you have never done any mapping or aggregation using MINT before, it is highly recommended to participate in the EUscreen online training course. 

MINT Ingestion Server
Register with this metadata ingestion tool to upload, map and transform your dataset for publication on Europeana.

EUscreen Preview tool
The Preview tool is a web-based tool which allows registered partners to preview, check and approve (or reject) content uploaded for display on the EUscreen portal.

Video tutorials
A series of short videos created by Learning on Screen demonstrate individual steps on using the MINT tool to aggregate AV metadata to Europeana process are available on VIMEO.