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Technology and Innovation

This video collection is dedicated to mankind’s inventions! Humans are constantly thinking of ways to improve themselves and the way they interact with their environment.
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Video Competition

We are giving the editorial control over the collection of unique 60 000 items on EUscreen.eu to the users by hosting an open competition that will run
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Photo source: BBC. All rights reserved.

In the Classroom

This collection is a journey back to your school days. Sit back and remember those important moments. Witness the excitement of the first day of
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Photo source: Česká Televize. All rights reserved.

Faithful and Furry Friends

This month’s collection is dedicated to our animals – our faithful and furry friends. They are our companions, our cheerful playmates, and our little helpers.
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Photo source: Televisió de Catalunya. All rights reserved.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

  Join us today in celebrating Audiovisual Heritage Day! Today is important, because we believe that archives matter tremendously, and that preservation of information should
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Film Festivals of Europe

One week ago Cannes concluded what was an exciting and fun film festival. Congratulations to all the winners! The festival inspired us to create a
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Photo source: British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

All that Jazz!

Since it’s inception EUscreenXL has made thousands of videos available on EUscreen.eu. With so much content on our portal, we’ve decided to tackle the challenges
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